Head Hotel

Holiday Inn Monterrey Parque Fundidora

The hotel has a prime location within the complex of the Fundidora Park. Around the hotel are the venues of major events in Monterrey Arena Monterrey, Auditorio Banamex and Cintermex. You can also find the Santa Lucia walk around on foot or from a boat while listening to the history of the city and admire the beautiful scenery. Visit Sesame Park, museums like MARCO, MUNE, or the Museum of Mexican History.

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Capital and most populous city in the state of Nuevo Leon, México third largest city. It is one of the most developed cities in Mexico, has a great culture and history, and is also a major center for business, industry and economy. It is the city with the best quality of life in Mexico, the seventh in Latin America and 109 in the world according to a study done. It has a strong economy to be the basis of many national and international companies such as Cemex, Oxxo, FEMSA, among others, by what is called the industrial capital of Mexico.